CleanFuture offers business consulting focused on solutions for sustainability.CleanFuture_ripple_effect

CleanFuture focuses on applying product development, supply chain, sustainability principles or technologies with clients ranging from established firms to new ventures to make a positive social impact on the world.

CleanFuture works in these core areas:

Integrating Product Development and Supply Chains

By incorporating supply chain and process decisions with life-cycle design criteria early in the development process, programs can more successfully achieve their goals including time, cost, quality and lifecycle impacts.  CleanFuture can work with your team to condense design/development process cycle time while improving development and operating results.

Ecologically Sustainable Design for Products and Supply Chains

By applying sustainability principles to the early stages of product development and engineering, CleanFuture can work with your organization to deploy more sustainable products, processes, and services.

Clean Energy and Technology Development 

CleanFuture provides expertise at the convergence of energy, mobility, sustainability and the Smart Grid.

CleanFuture customers include cleantech companies, electric vehicle companies, electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) companies developing EV charging infrastructure, battery system integrators, utilities, policy makers, green building professionals and sustainable communities.