Smart Grid Startup Project in Oregon

Interested in getting in on the ground floor of a Smart GridNIST EISA Domain Expert Working Groups Smart Grid entrepeneurial venture?

Here’s a chance to get involved with up to 40 other aspiring entrepeneurs to not only brainstorm and evaluate various opportunities about the Smart Grid, but perhaps also a chance to form a new venture.  Be advised this is intended as a project for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in the Portland region who have an interest in, contributions to make and a serious commitment to developing one or more Smart Grid business ventures. It is not meant for those seeking a job or consulting assignment or education on the Smart Grid.

Sounds fascinating to me!

The Software Association of Oregon (SAO) and the Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) announced the launch of The Oregon Smart Grid Startup Project, a bold new experiment in entrepreneurship designed to quickly create one or more viable Oregon companies focused on next generation smart grid businesses.

Unlike traditional business startups that typically begin with a single entrepreneur and an idea for a new company, the Smart Grid Startup Project will begin with many skilled professionals and a pool of ideas. Through collaborative efforts, the best ideas and professionals will be facilitated for new business development.

The collaboration starts this October 19th with the gathering of selected applicants to a series of brainstorming meetings designed to identify and assess the most viable smart grid business opportunities. A maximum of 40 participants will be chosen to participate in the initial brainstorming sessions through the submittal of an application and selection by the project’s steering committee members. Participants will be chosen based upon a criterion of ideas, interest, entrepreneurial experience, and smart grid expertise. Deadline for applying is October 12th, 2009.

For more information and to apply, contact SAO

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