Energy Storage and the Smart Grid

Presentation from “Energy Storage and the Smart Grid” event for the Clean Energy Special Interest Group of TiE Oregon on April 21, 2010. See here for more information.

Graduate Seminar at Portland State University on Designing the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities, April, 2009

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Working Group meeting, June 2009

EV Roadmap Conference – working group on electric vehicle DC fast charging corridor planning – Willamette Valley and Puget Sound, November 2009

International Conference on Business and Sustainability, Portland State University in October, 2008

Presentation on “Designing Sustainability into the Supply Chain” at Portland State University’s 2nd Annual International Conference on Business & Sustainability: Designing Sustainability, bringing together leading industry practitioners and scholars to share best practices and leading edge research.  The conference theme “Designing Sustainability” embraces the philosophy that design is the primary determinant of the social, environmental and  financial impact of products, services, processes and business strategies. Deliberate forethought in conceptualizing and implementing sustainable business practices can significantly enhance social equity, reduce ecological harm and raise business value.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), February 2008