You may be evaluating other companies with a view to purchase, already have acquired another company, or your company may be in the process of merging with another. In each case you will be going through a period of uncertainty and the M&A team will be in the midst of it.

Cost synergies are typically at the forefront of the rationale to merge or acquire, yet M&A teams often neglect the supply side benefits until later in the M&A process. There will be many questions:

  1. How do I evaluate another company’s purchasing function as part of the Due Diligence process?
  2. How do I determine the procurement opportunities and from there how do I evaluate and prioritize efforts?
  3. How do I improve the procurement organization now that I have acquired it?
  4. How do I evaluate competencies of the team?
  5. How do I approach the supplier community and what messages do I give them?

In a merger situation many of the above questions are also relevant but because of the increased uncertainty prior, during and after the merger these issues can be even more challenging to manage.

Working with you:

We will work with your M&A team to carry out a rigorous review using proven tools and methodologies to help you:

  1. Plan and staff for the duration of the process
  2. Quantify the opportunities that are available
  3. Analyze the procurement teams
  4. Design the organization post acquisition or merger
  5. Help with your supplier engagement strategy


Our overarching goal is to add value to your business. Our rigorous approach to M&A supply side value creation will ensure your business benefits quickly, efficiently and smoothly from constructive relationships with suppliers.