Supply Chain and Operational Audits

Understanding how your supply chain affects overall sustainability.  Determining where and how bottlenecks prevent maximization of resources.  Setting policies that help you manage overall sustainability among your supply chain.  Transforming your supply chains into sustainability circles™.

Supply Chain Environmental Footprint Baseline Assessment

CleanFuture takes a unique approach to evaluating your organization’s impacts and opportunities throughout your supply chain. Our Supply Chain Environmental Footprint Baseline Analysis provides a quantitative analysis of your major environmental impacts.

Strategic Planning

Crafting sustainability goals that work hand-in-hand with business objectives. Working with business units and senior leadership to develop innovative, substantial plans and set a sustainable course.  Integrating plans into the core of your organization’s DNA.

Innovation and Opportunity Analysis

Providing in-depth analysis and recommendations on growing and integrating sustainability, from the transactional level to the grand strategic vision, into your organization. Sharing insight and best practices to improve the way your organization functions.

Market Research

Delivering quantitative and qualitative research on attitudes and behaviors.  Understanding the landscape, from your customers’ mindset to your competitors’ actions.